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Films—Kathi Maio
2018     Downsizing To Little Too Late
  Off the Sink and Other Unheeded Commandments
2017     On Finding Her Inner Kaiju
  The Language of Loss, Trust, and Heptapods
2016     Animal Husbandry
  Bunker Mentality
  The Potato Farmer Who Worked the Problem
2015     You Are Me and We Are All Together
  Out of the Ashes
  The Faults in Our Stars and Ourselves
2014     Coming Soon to a Tablet Near You
  Girl Power in Dystopia
  Stalking Love on the Time-Space Continuum
2013     The Modest Pleasures of a Summer Bomb
  A Familiar Cyclone and Its Twisted Debris
  All Man-Eaters Great and Small
2012     Apocalypse, Mon Amour
  Beauty Fades, But Fairy Tales Never Die
  Transitioning Through Ghosts, Guilt, and Superpowers
  It's a Small (Sick) World
2011     The Lure of an Imagined Past
  Without a Sting... Or a Thrill
  Spare Parts with a Soul
2010     Neither Fish Nor Fowl—Nor Fully Human?
  Blockbuster as Religious Experience
2009     Post-Modern Hasidism . . . with Puppets!
  Button, Button
  What's My Motivation?
  Pride Goeth Before The Fall
2008     Superpowers Do Not a Superhero Make
  Heretical Dustup... Or Simple Dud?
  No Gaydar Required
  How I Wonder What You Are
2007     Mission Accomplished At the Zombie Jamboree
  And the Hollywood Raths Outgrabe
  Waiting on a Ship Called Tomorrow
  The Magic of Lost Loves and Crushed Canaries
  In a Dark and Rainy City of Lights
2006     Beautiful Slacker, Wake Unto Me
  The Globalization of Leaping Kicks
  It Looks Larger In A Small Box
  A Labor of Love—and Thumbs
  101 More Uses of Enchantment
2005     Of Mice And Long-Awaited Movies
  Post Traumatic Straitjacket Syndrome
  Ghosts in the Machine
  Plastic, and Proud of It!
2004     The Town Hollywood Couldn't Forget
  Four Very Human Robot Stories
  They Know Action, But They Don't Know Dick
  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
2003     Cult Status Isn't Good Enough
  Thuggish Behavior, In the Relentless Pursuit of a Sequel
  And a Little CG Shall Lead Them
  Don't Drink the Water
  Lost in the Land of Fake Fakes
2002     Paradise Lost, Gone, Kaput
  Post-Apocalyptic Love Triangles, And Other Things That Won't Fit on a Tee Shirt
  Mork Meets The Snake Pit
  Imaginative Moviemaking, on Pennies a Day
2001     Embracing the Anachronism
  Waiting (and Waiting) for Another Roger Rabbit
  A Transparent Case of Larceny
2000     And a Good Time Was Had By All
  He Can Foil a Nuclear Warhead, But Can He Take on a Mouse?
1999     Getting Back to Basics
  Beyond the Magpie Impulse
  The Soul (or Lack Thereof) of the New Monster
  The Way It Never Was
  Deep Space, Right Here at Home

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