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Michael A. Gonzales Survivor, by Octavia E. Butler (1978)
Joachim Boaz At Midnight on the 31st of March, by Josephine Young Case (1938)
Thomas Kaufsek Murdercon, by Richard Purtill (1982)
Paul Di Filippo The Prevalence of Witches, by Aubrey Menen (1947)
Paul Di Filippo Grand Canyon, by Vita Sackville-West (1942)
Thomas Kaufsek The Contaminant, by Leonard Reiffel (1978)
Paul Di Filippo Hackenfeller's Ape, by Brigid Brophy (1953)
Graham Andrews Public Faces, by Harold Nicolson (1932)
Rich Horton Man's Mortality, by Michael Arlen (1933)
Paul Di Filippo The Arrogant History of White Ben, by Clemence Dane (1939)
Thomas Kaufsek Science Fiction: Complete with Everything: Aliens, Giant Ants, Space Cadets, Robots, and One Plucky Girl by No-Frills Entertainment (1981)
David Langford The Mind of Mr Soames, by Charles Eric Maine (1961)
Paul Di Filippo Atomsk, by Cordwainer Smith (1949)
Graham Andrews The Brontës Went to Woolworths, by Rachel Ferguson (1931)
Paul Di Filippo Pink Furniture, by A. E. Coppard (1930)
David Langford The Supernatural in Modern English Fiction, by Dorothy Scarborough (1917)
Mike Ashley A Prisoner in Fairyland, by Algernon Blackwood (1913)
Paul Di Filippo The Wreck of the Titan, or Futility, by Morgan Robertson (1912)
Phoenix Alexander The Beast of Bradhurst Avenue, by George S. Schuyler (1934)
Robert Eldridge The Cloud Dream of the Nine, by Kim Man-Choong (1922)
Graham Andrews Up the Ladder of Gold, by E. Phillips Oppenheim (1931)
David Langford A Christmas Garland, by Max Beerbohm (1912)
Robert Eldridge The Great Demonstration, by Katharine Metcalf Roof (1920)
Paul Di Filippo A Report from Group 17, by Robert C. O'Brien (1972)
Mark Esping The Moon Is Inhabited, by "Columba" Annabell Krebs Culverwell (1961)
David Langford A Beleaguered City, by Mrs. Oliphant (1879)
David Langford A Voyage To Purilia, by Elmer Rice (1930)
Graham Andrews The Morlocks, by James C. Welsh, M.P. (1924)
Robert Eldridge The Adventures of Hatim Tai, by Anonymous (1830)
Robert Eldridge Star of the Unborn, by Franz Werfel (1946)
Paul Di Filippo Twilight Stories, by Rhoda Broughton (1872)
Douglas A. Anderson Monk's Magic, by Alexander De Comeau (1931)
Graham Andrews The Truth About Wilson, by W.S.K. Webb (1962)
Douglas A. Anderson The Capture of Nina Carroll, by Arthur Thrush (1924)
Phoenix Alexander Light Ahead for the Negro, by Edward A. Johnson (1904)
Bud Webster American Denim—A New Folk Art, Presented by Richard M. Owens and Tony Lane, Text by Peter Beagle (1975)
David Langford The Judges Of Hades, By Edward D. Hoch (1971)
Paul Di Filippo The Refugee Centaur, by Antoniorrobles (1952)
Stephen Haffner The Devil and the Doctor, David H. Keller (1940)
David Langford The Condemned Playground, by Cyril Connolly (1945)
Graham Andrews Froomb!, by John Lymington (1964)
Paul Di Filippo The Robot Lovers, by Dean Hudson (1966)
Bud Webster The Murder of the U.S.A., By Will F. Jenkins (1946)
David Langford The Devil In Velvet, by John Dickson Carr (1951)
Lawrence Forbes The Magic Island, by W.B. Seabrook (1929)
Douglas A. AndersonThe Word of Teregor, by Guy Ridley (1914)
Douglas A. AndersonThe Gates of Horn, by Bernard Sleigh (1926)
Mark EspingNequa, or, The Problem of the Ages by Jack Adams (1900)
Anatoly BelilovskyBull's Hour, by Ivan Yefremov (1968)
Richard A. Lupoff Afternoons In Utopia, by Stephen Leacock (1932)
Stefan Dziemianowicz The Poet's Curse, by M. Y. Halidom (1911)
David LangfordHeavens, by Louis Untermeyer (1922)
Chris De VitoThe Clock That Went Backward, by Edward Page Mitchell (1881)
Bud WebsterRip Foster Rides the Gray Planet, by Blake Savage (1952)
Jack WomackThe Outcast Manufacturers, by Charles Fort (1909)
Frances GrimbleThe Fixed Period, by Anthony Trollope (1882)
Don WebbHollywood vs. the Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation In UFO Disinformation, by Bruce Rux(1997)
Paul DellingerPeter and Prue, by Mary Dickerson Donahey (1924)
David LangfordThe Gap in the Curtain, by John Buchan (1932)
Paul Di FilippoThe Island of Not-Me, by Ezra Gerson Gotthelf (1935)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Beetle: A Mystery, by Richard Marsh (1897)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Haunted Pajamas, by Lawrence Perry Elliott (1911)
David LangfordTo End All Telescopes, by Eric C. Williams (1969)
Paul Di FilippoThe Last American, by John Ames Mitchell (1889)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreTrue History, by Lucian of Samosata (CA. 160 A.D.)
David LangfordBut For Bunter, by David Hughes (1985)
Bud WebsterAlvin Steadfast on Vernacular Island, by Frank Jacobs (1965)
Rick NorwoodBeware The Cat, by William Baldwin (1533)
John EggelingThe Triuneverse: A Scientific Romance, by R.A. Kennedy (dated 1962, but actually 1912)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreMicromégas, by Voltaire (1752)
David LangfordThe Troglodytes, by Nal Rafcam (1961)
Patricia A. MartinelliThe Coming Race, by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1870)
Graham AndrewsThe Mclandress Dimension, by John Kenneth Galbraith (1963)
Roberto de Sousa CausoSambaqui: A Novel of Pre-History, by Stella Carr Ribeiro (1987)
David LangfordTransfinite Man, by Colin Kapp (1964)
Lawrence PersonSmallcreep's Day, by Peter Currell Brown (1965)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Man Who Was Thursday; A Nightmare, by G.K. Chesterton (1908)
Lucy SussexAnno Domini 2000; or, Woman's Destiny by Julius Vogel (1889)
Fred ChappellRainbow on the Road, by Esther Forbes (1954)
Dave TruesdaleLetters on Demonology and Witchcraft, by Sir Walter Scott (1830)
David LangfordAdrift in the Stratosphere, by Professor A.M. Low (1937)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Big Ball of Wax: A Story of Tomorrow's Happy World, by Shepherd Mead (1954)
Paul Di FilippoReturn to the Future, by Diamandis Florakis (1973)
David LangfordThe Stolen March, by Dornford Yates (1926)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreErnestine Takes Over, By Walter Brooks (1935)
Bud WebsterFather of the Amazons, by Pete Lewis (?) (1961)
Peter TremayneUneasy Freehold (retitled The Uninvited), by Dorothy Macardle (1941)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreHow Like A God, by Rex Stout (1929)
David LangfordParallel Botany, by Leo Lionni (1977)
Don D'AmmassaTentacles of Dawn, by Robert Wilson (1978)
Douglas A. AndersonFlower Phantoms, by Ronald Fraser (1926)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreStar Begotten: A Biological Fantasia, by H.G. Wells (1937)
Graham AndrewsThe Thirty-first of June, by J. B. Priestley (1961)
Bud WebsterThe 27th Day, by John Mantley (1956)
David LangfordThe Uncelestial City, by Humbert Wolfe (1930)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreProfessor Baffin's Adventures, by Max Adeler (1881)
Douglas A. AndersonDevil's Tor, by David Lindsay (1932)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Octave of Claudius, by Barry Pain (1897)
Graham AndrewsLove Is Forever – We Are For Tonight by Robert Moore Williams (1970)
David LangfordThe Cruise of the Talking Fish, by W. E. Bowman (1957)
Paul Di FilippoBlack Oxen, by Gertrude Atherton (1923)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreDr. Transit, By "I.S." (1925)
Thomas MarcinkoThe Master, By T. H. White (1957)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreDavy and the Goblin; Or, What Followed Reading "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland," By Charles Edward Carryl (1884)
Bud WebsterThe Quest of the Gole by John Hollander (1966)
Dennis LienLazy Bear Lane, by Thorne Smith (1931)
Michael SwanwickHow To Write "Scientific" Fiction, by Hugo Gernsback (1930)
Gregory J. KosterWild Card, by Raymond Hawkey and Roger Bingham (1974)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Land of Mist, By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1926)
Bud WebsterPlanet Big Zero, by Franklin Hadley (1964)
Dennis LienMy Bones and My Flute, by Edgar Mittelholzer (1955)
Douglas A. AndersonThe Flying Cows of Biloxi, by Benson Bidwell (1907)
Darrell SchweitzerThe Unfortunate Fursey and The Return Of Fursey, by Mervyn Wall (1946/1948)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyrePeter Graves: An Extraordinary Adventure, By William Péne Du Bois (1950)
Paul Di FilippoJog Rummage, By Grahame Wright (1974)
David LangfordThe Mind Readers, by Margery Allingham (1965)
Steven UtleySpace Western Comics, (1952-1953)
Bud WebsterCodex Seraphinianus, by Luigi Serafini (1981)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreAdventures in the Unknown, by Carl H. Claudy (1933/34)
Connie Braton MeekThe Three Perils Of Man: War, Women And Witchcraft, by James Hogg (1822)
Roberto de Sousa CausoThe War of the Worlds, illustrated by Alvim Corrêa (1906)
Bill SheehanThe Late Great Creature, by Brock Brower (1971)
David LangfordMarch of the Robots, by "Leo Brett" (1961)
Paul Di FilippoCloud Chamber, by Howard Myers (1977)
Jason Van HollanderGreat Mischief, by Josephine Pinckney (1948)
Bud WebsterThe Gods Hate Kansas, by Joseph Millard (1941)
Bud WebsterLegal Daisy Spacing, by Chris Winn (1985)
Paul Di FilippoThe Divine Comedy of Ariadne and Jupiter, by Shere Hite (1994), and Tetrarch, By Alex Comfort (1980)
John KesselTom's A-Cold by John Collier (1933)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Rolling Pin, By Charles Williams (1955)
David LangfordBook of the Three Dragons by Kenneth Morris (1930)
Bud WebsterAdventures to Come edited by J. Berg Esenwein (1937)
J.M. GraetzWatch the North Wind Rise (Seven Days in New Crete) by Robert Graves (1949)
Henry WessellsIn a Land of Clear Colors by Robert Sheckley (1979)
Paul Di FilippoThunder on the Left by Christopher Morley (1925)
Bill SheehanThe Girl in a Swing by Richard Adams (1980)
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyreThe Wind on the Moon by Eric Linklater (1944)
Bud WebsterThe Snouters: Form and Life of the Rhinogrades by Dr. Harald Stümpke (1967)
Jack WilliamsonRocket to the Morgue by Anthony Boucher (1942)
Stephen JonesThe Not At Night Series edited by Christine Campbell Thompson (1925-1937)
Graham AndrewsThe Birds by Frank Baker (1936)
Claude LalumièreAn East Wind Coming by Arthur Byron Cover (1979)
Peter AtkinsFully Dressed and in his Right Mind by Michael Fessier (1935)
David WestwoodThe House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier (1969)
John EggelingThe End of an Epoch by A. Lincoln Green (1901)
Mike AshleyThe Bright Messenger by Algernon Blackwood (1921)
Bill SheehanThe Cadaver of Gideon Wyck by Alexander Laing (1934)
Paul Di FilippoI Am Thinking of My Darling by Vincent McHugh (1943)
David LangfordMusrum by Eric Thacker and Anthony Earnshaw (1968)
Jeff VanderMeerSmile on the Void by Stuart Gordon (1983)
Paul Di FilippoUnder the Triple Suns by Stanton Coblentz (1955)
Gregory BenfordHabitable Planets for Man by Stephen H. Dole (1970)
Dave LangfordThe Last Revolution by Lord Dunsany (1951)
Stefan DziemianowiczFingers of Fear by J.U. Nicolson (1937)
Paul Di FilippoThe Cat's Cradle-Book by Sylvia Townsend Warner (1940)
Douglas A. AndersonThe Marvellous Land of Snergs by E.A. Wyke-Smith (1927)
Jeff VanderMeerJerusalem Quartet by Edward Whittemore
Paul Di FilippoSeaports in the Moon by Vincent Starrett (1928)
Bradley DentonCosmic Banditos by A. C. Weisbecker (1986)
Gavin J. GrantTravel Light Naomi Mitchison (1952)
Mike AshleyThe Tower of Oblivion by Oliver Onions (1921)
Paul Di FilippoTeenocracy by Robert Shirley (1969)
Barry N. MalzbergPassing for Human by Jody Scott (1977)
Don WebbThe Box from Japan by Harry Stephen Keeler (1932)
David LangfordThe Fourth Dimension by C. Howard Hinton (1904)
Peter AtkinsThe London Adventure by Arthur Machen (1924)
Howard WaldropLooking for the General by Warren Miller (1964)
Paul Di FilippoThrough the Alimentary Canal with Gun and Camera by George Chappell (1930)
Stefan DziemianowiczThe Thing in the Woods by Harper Williams (1924)
Dave LangfordThe Exploits of Engelbrecht by Maurice Richardson (1950)
Jeffrey FordThe Other Side of the Mountain by Michel Bernanos
Mike AshleyJulius LeVallon by Algernon Blackwood
Barry N. MalzbergThe Voyage: an Opera by Phillip Glass (1992)
Paul Di FilippoCarnacki The Ghost-Finder by William Hope Hodgson (1913)
Paul J. McAuleySannikov Land by Vladimir Obruchev
Henry WessellsThe Well of the Unicorn by Fletcher Pratt
Dave Langford"The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt" (In Max Carrados Mysteries, by Ernest Bramah, 1927
Ruth BermanThe Unicorn with Silver Shoes by Ella Young, 1932
Neil GaimanLud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirlees
Paul Di FilippoWhere the Blue Begins by Christopher Morley
Richard BowesFloor Games by H.G. Wells
Jeffrey FordKater Murr by E.T.A. Hoffmann
Keith FerrellThe Shape of Further Things: Speculations on Change by Brian W. Aldiss, 1971
David J. SchowThe Lights in the Sky Are Stars by Fredric Brown, 1953
Paul Di FilippoMurder in Millennium VI by Curme Gray
Marc LaidlawThe Diamond in the Window by Jane Langton, 1962
Jonathan LethemThe Unholy City, by Charles Finney, 1937
William TennDr. Arnoldi by Tiffany Thayer, 1934
Richard A. LupoffClare Winger Harris
Jack WomackI Remember Lemuria by Richard S. Shaver, 1948

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