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Issue Date  Author  Story Title  Type  Comments
1957 JAN  Ferman, Joseph W.  Publisher's Note  in  (1906-1974) introduction to Venture Science Fiction(VSF) and to its editor, Robert P. Mills
   Anderson, Poul  Virgin Planet  na  (1926-2001) expanded into a novel, Virgin Planet(1959)
   Cole, Les  Man of the World, A (World of the Future: I)  ss  (1904?-1985) Lester Cole
   Sharon, Rose  Woman of the World, A (World of the Future: II)  ss  (1923-1997) ps. for Judith Merril (she legally changed her name in 1949 from Juliet Grossman to J.M.)
   Asimov, Isaac  Dust of Death, The  ss  (1920-1992) this story was at first in the Wendell Urth series, was rejected by F&SF, was revised by Asimov, eliminating Urth, then was accepted by VSF; this story appears in his coll. Asimov's Mysteries (1968) with the other Urth stories
   Jakes, John  Hero at Work  ss  (1932- )
   Beaumont, Charles  Oh Father of Mine  ss  (1929-1967) ps. for Charles Leroy Nutt, changed name legally to Charles Beaumont
   Sturgeon, Theodore  Girl Had Guts, The  nv  (1918-1985)
   Mills, Robert P.  Venturings  ed  (1920-1986) introduction to this issue's stories
1957 MAR  Mills, Robert P.  Venturings  ed  introduction to this issue's stories
   Godwin, Tom  Too Soon to Die  nv  (1915-1980)
   Sharon, Rose  Lady Was a Tramp, The  ss 
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Friend for Life  ss  (1923-2001)
   Brackett, Leigh  Queer Ones, The  nv  (1915-1978) story also known as "The Strange Ones"
   Fontenay, Charles L.  Blind Alley  ss  (1917- )
   Miller, Walter M. Jr  Vengeance for Nikolai  nv  (1922-1996)
1957 MAY  Mills, Robert P.  Venturings  ed  introduction to this issue's stories; James E. Gunn & Marion Zimmer Bradley on their stories
   Gunn, James E.  Space Is a Lonely Place  na  (1923- ) 1st of his psychological Space Conquest series in VSF, and the last of 5 stories in the series, pub. in coll. Station in Space(1958)
   Miller, Walter M. Jr & Lincoln Boone  Corpse in Your Bed Is Me, The  ss  (1922-1996; ? - ? )
   Fennel, Erik (or Eric)  Night Sky of Venus  ss 
   Anderson, Poul  Cold Victory  ss 
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Bird of Prey  nv  (1930-1999)
   Mills, Robert P.  Afternotes  note  noting reader reponse to the stories so far published in VSF
   Sturgeon, Theodore  Affair With a Green Monkey  ss 
1957 JUL  Gunn, James E.  Not So Great an Enemy  nv 
   Janvier, Paul  And Then She Found Him ...  ss  (1931- ) ps. for Algis Budrys; 1 of 3 stories in Gus series, others - "Nobody Bothers Gus"(ASF 1955 NOV), "The Peasant Girl"(ASF 1956 JUN)
   Cogswell, Theodore R.  Aces Loaded  ss  (1918-1987)
   Sturgeon, Theodore  On Hand: A Book  br  (1918-1985) Martin Greenberg(ed): Coming Attractions(1957); Offhand table of books
   Piper, H. Beam  Keeper, The  nv  (1904-1964) Horace Beam Piper; story is part of his Terro-Human Future History or Federation series, & is in his coll. Empire(1981)
   Kornbluth, C.M.  Education of Tigress Macardle, The  ss  (1923-1958) Cyril M. Kornbluth
   del Rey, Lester  Seat of Judgment, The  ss  (1915-1993) ps. for Leonard Knapp
   Godwin, Tom  Harvest, The  vi 
   Mills, Robert P.  Venturings  ed  introduction to this issue's stories, "Sturgeon's Law"(see p.78, in his book review); James E. Gunn & Paul Janvier(Budrys) on their stories
1957 SEP  Wallace, F.L.  Nevada Virus, The  nv  (? - ?) Floyd L. Wallace; 1st story pub. sf "Hideaway" in ASF 1951 FEB; pub. mostly in GAL; has coll. Worlds in Balance(1955 Australia)
   Harmon, Jim  Bit for Mrs. Halloran, A  ss  (1933- ) working name for James Hudson Harmon, writer & radio producer; 1st story pub. sf "The Smuggler" in SWY, in 1954
   Anderson, Poul  For the Duration  ss 
   Sturgeon, Theodore  On Hand: A Book  br  Philip K. Dick: Eye in the Sky(1957); Offhand table of books
   Silverberg, Robert  Winds of Siros, The  nv  (1935- )
   Phillips, Rog  Executioner No. 43  ss  (1909-1965) working name for Roger Phillips Graham
   Reynolds, Mack  Snafu on the New Taos  ss  (1917-1983) working name for Dallas McCord Reynolds; 1st and only story in F&SF in Johnny Norsen series, it is the last story in this series, other stories in various mags. 1951-1954
   Slesar, Henry  Before the Talent Dies  ss  (1927-2002) 1st story pub. sf "The Brat" in IMT , in 1955; uses ps. O.H. Leslie; won Edgar Award for mystery novel The Gray Flannel Shroud (1958)
   Young, Robert F.  Written in the Stars  ss  (1915-1986)
   Davidson, Avram  Now Let Us Sleep  ss  (1923-1993)
   Mills, Robert P.  Venturings  ed  intro. to VSF drawing of "Venchy", next issue's planned stories, Avram Davidson winning EQMM ss contest with "The Necessity of His Condition"
1957 NOV  Sturgeon, Theodore  It Opens the Sky  nv 
   Davidson, Avram  Jury-Rig  ss 
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Featherbed on Chlyntha  ss  (1888-1975)
   Asimov, Isaac  I'm in Marsport Without Hilda  ss 
   Sturgeon, Theodore  On Hand: A Book  br  John W. Campbell Jr: The Black Star Passes(1953 fixup), & Islands in Space(ASQ 1931; 1957); Offhand table of books
   Hamilton, Edmond  No Earthman I  nv  (1904-1977) husband of writer Leigh Brackett; this story's "basic viewpoint is exactly the opposite to that of Leigh", in her story that follows(#51)

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