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No.  Author  Issue Date  Comments
201  Alber, Joy Nocito  1983 JUN  Summerville, SC; critical of 1983 MAR issue, & in particular of the Harvey Jacob story "Where Did You Get My Number?"; F&SF "is becoming more and more a 'horror' sheet & less and less a 'fantasy' publication"
202  Kline, Henry II  1983 JUN  Hollywood, CA; pleased with his lifetime subscription to F&SF
203  Whiteside, John M.  1983 DEC  strong criticism of FitzGerald story "The Vengeance of Nora O'Donnell" in 1983 APR; "In reading the story, one might be led to believe that the Irish people support the IRA ... (they) are not the saviors of Ireland, they are butchers"
204  Beard, Elizabeth Knowles  1983 DEC  criticism of Chet Williamson story "A Scent of the Soul" in 1983 AUG; story "was a cheap shot at the nursing profession .. (it) does a disservice to your readers as well as to the nursing profession"
205  Mallow, Jeffry V.  1983 DEC  cancels subscription because Searles reviews in 1983 JUL & AUG "contain a racial sterotype so offensive ... (his) description of a character as 'a Jewish-American princess'"
206  Searles, Baird  1983 DEC  replies to Mallow letter(#205), as to "the origins of the concept of the Jewish-American Princess, which was defined by the talented New York Jewish group of writers in the 1950s"
207  Cadloff, Kevin Andrew  1983 DEC  praise for Budrys reviews in F&SF; "(he) is the clearest literary voice your country has, not even excepting William Safire"
208  Taylor, John W.  1983 DEC  from a linguist & professor of English, praise for the 1983 MAR issue, especially the Reaves story "The Tearing of Greymare House" & the Robinson story "Black Air"
209  Wegst, Walter F. PhD  1983 DEC  Director, Research & Occupational Safety, UCLA; criticism for the Richard Mueller story "Cenotaph" in 1983 JUN; "I am surprised & disappointed that a reputable sf publication would publish such trash"
210  Bishop, Michael  1988 MAY  response to 1988 FEB review by Orson Scott Card of Bishop's book, The Secret Ascension(1987; vt Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas, 1988 UK); says Card accuses him of character assassination of Richard M. Nixon
211  Richards, John Thomas  1990 AUG  Rolla, MO; response to Isaac Asimov's science essay, "Just Say 'No'?," in 1990 MAY; agrees to a degree with Asimov, but he would not like to live in NYC even if he could afford to, despite Asimov's "defense of life in New York"
212  Sterling, Bruce  1990 AUG  Austin, TX; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY, "Just Say 'No'?"; "I'm in rough agreement with the line of his argument"; "if there's any blame ... for the patent decline of our nation, it clearly belongs to the rich & powerful"
213  Vennema, Peter H.  1990 AUG  Lafayette Hill, PA; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; "Phooie!"; "the failure of Liberals ... Liberal law has helped make our cities dangerous & unlivable ... Liberal welfare has created a permanent underclass ..."
214  Zelaya, Al  1990 AUG  Morristown, NJ; response to Asimov,s science essay in 1990 MAY; "if certain candidates had some of the fire, commitment & calm reasoned smarts that you show in that essay, the Democratic party would not be in the trouble it's in"
215  Richardson, Debbie  1990 AUG  Montague, CA; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; says if our tax money wasn't going to the "lazy, able-bodied" on welfare rolls, we could achieve more; we should be able to indulge in vices as long as we don't endanger others
216  Anderson, Poul  1990 AUG  Orinda, CA; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; "his prescription seems to be more of the same medicine that has not only failed to cure, but has largely brought the trouble on"; we need more individualism, not shackles
217  Sandberg, Robert W.  1990 AUG  Appleton, WI; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; "disturbed" after reading the essay, Asimov "seems to be advocating a Communistic society"; believes the final straw that will collapse our society is overpopulation
218  Fitzgerald, Edward R.  1990 AUG  New York, NY; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; thanks the "Good Doctor" for his essay; "maybe for every ten letters you receive, one person will have been started on the road to clear thinking"

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