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No.  Author  Issue Date  Comments
151  Ferman, Edward L.  1981 JAN  reply to Gibson letter(#150) concerning the distribution policies of the magazine world, in particular that of F&SF
152  Futch, C. Gregory  1981 JAN  Tampa, FL; praise for Thomas M. Disch's "The Brave Little Toaster" in 1980 AUG, & the cover for that issue by Gahan Wilson
153  Horton, Susan  1981 JAN  Pickering, Ontario, Canada; praise for Marta Randall's "Dangerous Games" in 1980 APR, & Lisa Tuttle's "Bug House" in 1980 JUN; latter "one of the most truly horrifying little tales I've read in years"
154  Prange, Shari  1981 JAN  Boulder Creek, CA; praise for Eric Norden's "The Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele" in 1980 SEP; "I was hooked on 'The Curse' from the first lines for several reasons ... the SF name-dropping & in-jokes ..."
155  Russell, M.  1981 JAN  Los Angeles, CA; praise for Bob Leman's "Feesters in the Lake" in 1980 OCT
156  Ingerman, Peter  1981 JAN  Willingboro, NJ; praise for Isaac Asimov's "Death of a Foy" in 1980 OCT
157  Hampton, Elaine  1981 JAN  Burbank, CA; praise for Zenna Henderson's "Tell Us a Story" & Isaac Asimov's "Death of a Foy" in 1980 OCT
158  Hardy, Jason G.  1981 MAY  praise for the 1980 NOV issue, especially the stories by Harlan Ellison, "All the Lies That Are My Life," & by Charles Sheffield, "The Marriage of True Minds," & the book review by Malzberg & the film review by Searles
159  Whitlock, Dan  1981 MAY  Modesto, CA; legal mistake in Harlan Ellison's "All the Lies That Are My Life" in 1980 NOV
160  McMullen, Sean  1981 MAY  Melbourne, Australia; praise for Eric Norden's "The Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele" in 1980 SEP
161  Malzberg, Barry N.  1981 MAY  praise for Eric Norden's "The Curse of the Mhondoro Nkabele" in 1980 SEP; says he is enclosing a new novelette, "The Slaves of Saturn," asks Ed Ferman if he is feeling nauseous, getting headaches?
162  Campbell, Laura  1981 MAY  Davis, CA; error by cover artist Ron Walotsky illus. the story "Ménage Outré" by Lee Killough, for the 1981 FEB issue; description of woman in story is not that of the woman on the cover
163  Schwarzenbach, Eric  1981 SEP  Haskell, NJ; errors by cover artists Ron Walotsky for the 1981 MAY issue, the 1980 JUN issue(David Hardy), 1980 JUL issue(David Mattingly); "To err is human but editors are not supposed to be human"
164  Walrafen, Verne R.  1981 SEP  Ozawkie, KS; praise for Neal Barrett Jr's "A Day at the Fair" in 1981 MAR; Ferman replies that Barrett is working on a sequel to this story
165  Tidmarsh, A.  1981 SEP  Peterborough, U.K.; concerning Thomas M. Disch remarks about a 'Labor Day Group' of sf writers in his br in 1981 FEB; Ferman replies that a response to Disch's br is coming up by George R.R. Martin(in F&SF 1981 DEC)
166  Dickerson, Paulette & Mark Zimmerman  1981 SEP  Silver Spring, MD; criticism of Christopher Priest br in 1981 MAY; Priest's review of Joan D. Vinge novel The Snow Queen "reveals an unseemly amount of jealously"
167  Smith, Ben  1981 SEP  Kevil, KY; praise for F&SF, "you have the competition beat by a country mile"; not fond of Stephen King's Gunslinger series; Christopher Priest "somewhat envious" br of Barry Longyear's City of Baraboo, in 1981 MAY
168  Zicree, Marc Scott  1981 SEP  Los Angeles, CA; the Special Marc Scott Zicree Issue of 1983 AUG
169  Bahnisch, Mark  1981 SEP  Kerdon, Australia; praise for F&SF; "F&SF is one publication I can always turn to for well-written, enjoyable stories"
170  Ferman, Edward L.  1981 SEP  most letters "not of enough interest to publish ... the ideal letter is ... either entertaining or stimulating, or it offers some reasoned praise or criticism of a story or article"
171  Platt, Charles  1982 JAN  New York, NY; criticism of Barry N. Malzberg br in 1981 SEP, on his book Dream Makers, & Malzberg's comments that Platt "... doesn't care much for the writing of females"
172  Nicholas, Joseph  1982 JAN  London, U.K.; response to letters by Paulette Dickersom, Mark Zimmerman, & Ben Smith in 1981 SEP issue concerning the novels The Snow Queen by Joan Vinge, & City of Baraboo by Barry Longyear
173  Weimer, C. Brian  1982 JAN  Bouckville, NY; criticism of Baird Searles mr/tvr of movie "Excalibur" in 1981 SEP; complaint that Searles "... ignored many of the fine things ... in order to capitalize on its far fewer weak points ..."
174  Roller, Jennie A.  1982 JAN  Paris, IL; criticism of Searles mr/tvr of "Excalibur" in 1981 SEP; "I didn't like (his) review of 'Excalibur'"
175  Quittner, Joseph E.  1982 JAN  Cleveland Heights, OH; criticism of Searles mr/tvr of "Excalibur" in 1981 SEP; I think it's criticism - I don't read Gaelic
176  Yermakov, Nicholas  1982 MAY  Merrick, NY; criticism of John Clute br in 1982 FEB of his novel Journey from Flesh; "Clute claims to see cynical commercial ambition lurking between the lines of my novel ..."
177  Thomas, Pascal  1982 MAY  Paris, France; criticism of Baird Searles mr/tvr of "Heavy Metal" in 1982 JAN; says Searles "knows very little" of French SF; "what little (has) been translated is certainly not the best ... of the field"
178  Mickens, Muffy  1982 MAY  Hollywood, CA; slight nitpicking of George Alec Effinger's "Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson" in 1982 JAN, a correction on preppie language usage
179  Benford, Gregory  1982 MAY  response to Tom Disch br on the 'Labor Day Group' in 1981 FEB, & George R.R. Martin's reply to Disch in 1981 DEC; four comments on the 'Group,' incl. "at least call it something that doesn't grate so badly"
180  Bodkin, Francis F.  1982 MAY  Sayville, NY; criticism of Harlan Ellison story "The Outpost Undiscovered by Tourists" in 1982 JAN; "The story itself was not good & was based on a type of crude so-called humor"
181  Frishkoff, Bruce  1982 MAY  Ghent, NY; praise for Joanna Russ story "Souls" in 1982 JAN; "an excellent story for our time"
182  Skier, Cynthia  1982 MAY  Cambridge, MA; annoyance, criticism of the cover art for the 1981 NOV issue, "another semi-clad female" who didn't bear "any resemblance to the heroine in 'Talisman'"
183  Gottlieb, Sherry M.  1982 SEP  owner of A Change of Hobbit bookstore, Santa Monica, CA; comments on Ferman editorial, 1982 JUL, on the F&SF reader poll; "I regret to inform you that the Youth ... are not reading at all"
184  Brennert, Alan  1982 SEP  Marina Del Rey, CA; criticism of Searles mr/tvr of Darkroom TV series, in 1982 MAY; as the one who adapted Carter Scholz' story for "Closed Circuit" episode, Brennert knows it was not a ripoff of the movie Looker(1981) - reply by Searles
185  Tucker, David  1982 SEP  Alexandria, VA; criticism of George C. Chesbro story "Poems to Play in the Piccolo" in 1982 MAY; the word "thee" is used incorrectly in the story
186  Royce, James P.  1982 SEP  Piedmont, CA; response to Skier letter in 1982 MAY concerning her criticism of the cover art for the 1981 NOV issue; "What is the peculiar neurosis that possesses certain women when they (this kind of art)?"
187  Merritt, Jim  1983 FEB  Morro Bay, CA; response to Tucker letter in 1982 SEP, concerning the proper use of the archaic English words "thee" & "thou" in George C. Chesbro story "Poems to Play on the Piccolo" in 1982 MAY
188  Jones, David L.  1983 FEB  Kaneohe, HA; response to Tucker letter in 1982 SEP, concerning the proper use of the archaic English words "thee" & "thou" in George C.Chesbro story "Poems to Play on the Piccolo" in 1982 MAY
189  Romer, Kathy  1983 FEB  Winchester, MA; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP about whether young people have stopped reading sf; Romer agrees that they have, & that "children are losing the ability to listen"
190  McClintick, M.K.  1983 FEB  Indianapolis, IN; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; "I don't read fiction very often these days. Why? Because it's boring. ... there isn't very much being written that's entertaining & well written"
191  Taviss, Michael  1983 FEB  Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; blames the lack of reading on "the outrageous prices now decorating the paperback shelves of stores ..."
192  Gambino, Amy  1983 FEB  Princeton, NJ; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; "young people are not reading as much as they used to. ... But ... don't blame video games."; blame TV, & "blame the schools themselves"
193  Zipperer, John  1983 FEB  Manitowoc, WI; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; a 14-year old who loves to read, instead of playing Pac Man; "I would give anything to have a bookstore such as A Change of Hobbitt in my city"
194  Savatiel, Angela  1983 FEB  Louisville, KY; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; a 14-year old who reads sf; "I have tried to like the literature written for teenagers & have found it sadly lacking ... once you've read Herbert's Dune series, Judy Blume just can't cut it!"
195  Luoma, Michael  1983 FEB  Hudson, MA; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; a 16-year old who reads sf, says don't blame video games; "Perhaps the effects of TV are just now being felt indirectly in the second generation"
196  Simpson, Angie  1983 FEB  College Station, TX; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; an 18-year old sf reader says lack of reading all too common; "sf is probably the driving force behind the small percentage of youth who do read regularly"
197  Swanson, Veronica  1983 FEB  Royal Center, IN; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; "S.F. & fantasy books are alive and well in the little town of Royal Center, IN. I hope I speak for a lot of other little towns across this nation, too"
198  Richardson, Dorcas  1983 FEB  Aberdeen, WA; response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP; get youth hooked onto books & reading by giving books as gifts
199  Slusser, George  1983 JUN  UC Riverside; response to Budrys review of his book Bridges to Fantasy in 1983 JAN; "The book is an excuse for a general attack on academics who teach & write about sf and fantasy"
200  Robertson, Donald F.  1983 JUN  Sacramento, CA; response to the letters in 1983 FEB that were written in response to Gottlieb letter in 1982 SEP about the decline of "Homo reader"; the 'Secret' in their family was to limit TV viewing to one hour per day

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