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No.  Author  Issue Date  Comments
101  Uhlenbrock, Bryan  1977 NOV  affronted by Harlan Ellison article "You Don't Know Me, I Don't Know You" in 1977 JUL; "when Harlan began his scathing attacks on the turkeys of fandom, he lost my sympathy"
102  Hahn, Ken  1977 NOV  praise for the 1977 JUL Special Harlan Ellison Issue
103  Linaweaver, Brad  1977 NOV  praise for Robert Silverberg bio "Harlan" in 1977 JUL; "the high point of one of your finest issues"
104  Mosher, Chip  1977 NOV  praise for the 1977 JUL Special Harlan Ellison Issue
105  Schweitzer, Darrell  1978 FEB  remarks on Baird Searles review, in 1977 NOV, of the movie Star Wars; "I have to regard the film as an overwhelmingly good treatment of a very weak script"
106  Searles, Baird  1978 FEB  reply to Darrell Schweitzer letter(#105) on Star Wars
107  Paladini, Bill  1978 FEB  remarks on Baird Searles review, in 1977 NOV, of Star Wars; has encountered phenomena since the movie has been out: SF "Revival", Nitpicking, Cultism, & Appeal
108  Carr, Terry  1978 FEB  correction to Baird Searles review, in 1977 NOV, of Star Wars; attributes quote "the golden age of science fiction" to Peter Graham in 1960
109  Mead, James  1978 FEB  on 1977 SEP issue, & praise for Hilbert Schenck's story, "Three Days at the End of the World"
110  Howe, Robert  1978 FEB  praise for Hilbert Schenck's story "Three Days at the End of the World", in 1977 SEP
111  Toll, Gertrude  1978 FEB  praise for 1977 SEP issue; believes she may be, at age 82, F&SF's older reader
112  Karr, Phyllis  1978 AUG  praise for John Varley's "The Persistence of Vision" & Randall Garrett's "The Horror Out of Time", in 1977 MAR
113  Sieg, Ms. Barbara L.  1978 AUG  anger at F&SF; "I am heartily sick of reading story after story in F&SF where not only is there no female protagonist but no seriously treated female character at all"
114  Jones, Paul  1978 AUG  1978 JAN cover art by David Hardy inaccurate - Uranus has a ring; brief reply by Edward L. Ferman; cover was redone by Hardy for the 1979 APR issue, depicting Uranus with rings & no Bhen
115  Durang, Charles F.  1978 AUG  praise for 1978 FEB issue; "simply the finest issue of a science fiction magazine I have ever seen"
116  Hruschak, Ted Michael  1978 AUG  "cry for justice against Baird Searles' tunnel-visioned opinions on SF in the visual media"; specifically his reviews of Space: 1999, & Logan's Run(1978 FEB)
117  Searles, Baird  1978 AUG  reply to Hruschak letter(#116) about his reviews of Space:1999, & Logan's Run
118  Gilden, Mel  1978 AUG  correction of a line in his story "The Green Dog" in 1978 MAY; on p.99 line "Probably some gay ..." should read "goy"
119  Healy, Raymond J.  1978 OCT  North Sandwich, NH; announces the death of F&SF co-founder & editor J. Francis McComas on April 19, 1978
120  Malzberg, Barry N.  1978 OCT  Teaneck, NJ; retracts his negative comments, in his book review column of 1976 SEP, of Samuel R. Delany's books Triton, & Dhalgren; "I would like to apologize for those remarks and withdraw them"
121  Kottmeyer, Martin S.  1978 OCT  comments on Baird Searles review of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in 1978 MAY; "CE3K avoided the dreary plotboiling ... by not taking the subject overseriously"; brief reply from Searles
122  Roach, David L.  1979 MAR  as a member of the Coast Guard Nantucket Shoals Lightship Station, he says Hilbert Schenck's novelette "The Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck" was "amazingly accurate"
123  Berman, Ruth  1979 MAR  praise for the 1978 OCT issue
124  Thurmond, John T.  1979 MAR  "a scum of nitpicking" on the Cretaceous Period flora & fauna in Sterling Lanier's cover story "The Syndicated Time" & Ron Walotsky's cover art in the 1978 JUL issue
125  Ogden, M.  1979 MAR  praise for the Algis Budrys book review in 1978 SEP; "It is a pleasure to see a reviewer of Budrys's quality & experience give Fritz Leiber that attention & credit he so richly deserves"
126  Jaschek, Walt S.  1979 MAR  praise for the Algis Budrys book reviews
127  Hanrahan, James P.  1979 JUL  criticism of Joanna Russ's book review in 1979 FEB; "we are dealing not with criticism, but with personal idiosyncrasies"
128  Pundurs, Mark  1979 JUL  criticism of Joanna Russ's book review in 1979 FEB, using Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings as an example
129  Bacon, Debra A.  1979 JUL  criticism of Joanna Russ's book review in 1979 FEB; "why did (Ferman) enlist a person who hates fantasy as a genre to review fantasy books?"
130  Russ, Joanna  1979 JUL  will reply to reader's criticisms in an essay, "In Defense of Criticism," which will be pub. in her book review column in the 1979 NOV issue
131  Robillard, Douglas  1979 JUL  criticism of John Clute's book review in 1979 JAN, of Samuel R. Delany's The Jewel-Hinged Jaw, which "does an important book quite an injustice"; Robillard in the English Dept. of the Univ. of New Haven
132  Cox, Arthur Jean  1980 MAR  praise for Michael Shea's "The Angel of Death" in 1979 AUG; "... writing is at times amazingly daring ... no brutality in the story ..."
133  Tucker, James  1980 MAR  praise for the 30th Anniversary Issue(1979 OCT); asks "What authors have most often pub. fiction in F&SF?"; A: Avram Davidson, 45; Poul Anderson, 44; Ron Goulart, 43; Robert F. Young, 38; Miriam Allen deFord, 31
134  Moskowitz, Sam  1980 MAR  praise for the 30th Anniversary Issue; reminiscences of F&SF's 1st issue & of founding editors Boucher & McComas; background to his article "How Science Fiction Got Its Name" in F&SF 1957 FEB
135  Schulenburg, Joy A.  1980 MAR  praise for the 30th Anniversary Issue; nitpicks on the story intro to Shirley Jackson's piece, calling her "an amateur witch"; she says, "Ain't no such animal, Mr. Ferman"
136  Palter, David  1980 APR  Hollywood, CA; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; because of her opinion of fantasy, "perhaps she could be prevailed upon to review only SF (a genre which she does not seem to reject ...)"
137  Lench, Elinor J.  1980 APR  Sepulveda, CA; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; "Unlike Russ, who disdains the work of backing her critical assertions with any nasty old hard fact, I'll support mine, with two instances: ..."
138  Chauvin, Cy  1980 APR  Detroit, MI; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; "The thing that is most distressing is that Russ seems to feel that being a critic is very different from being a reader, & that is not true"
139  Hanrahan, James P.  1980 APR  Stamford, CT; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; "Russ has misinterpreted the nature of the complaints voiced against her ... Russ is a bad critic, & her essay has done more harm ... than good"
140  Gibbons, Peggy  1980 APR  Baltimore, MD; praise for the 1979 DEC issue; "Over the years my sole complaint about F&SF has been a paucity of material relating to women's humanitarian issues"; found Schimmelhorn stories particularly offensive
141  Lauderdale, Bob  1980 APR  Kansas City, MO; criticism of Lisa Tuttle's story in 1979 DEC; "... dismay at uncovering the odious piece of tripe titled 'Wives' ... (which) combines vicious excesses of the worst of the feminist writers ..."
142  Banister, Manly  1980 APR  Portland, OR; comment on Searles mr/tvr in 1979 DEC; tells why vampires cannot reflect in a mirror, but "there is no logical reason why a vampire can not reflect in a pool of water"
143  Carr, Terry  1980 JUL  comments on Clute br in 1980 APR of his anthology, Best S. F. of the Year #8; "I'd rather a reviewer simply hated a book of mine than suggested I might have been loafing on the job"
144  Benford, Gregory  1980 JUL  comment on an error by Clute in his br in 1980 APR on George Zebrowski book, Macrolife
145  Massey, Marshall  1980 JUL  comments on Budrys br in 1980 MAR; "in defense of the firm of Alfred A. Knopf ... it is only fair to begin by acquainting one's self with their full scope ..."
146  Miyeh, Michael L.  1980 JUL  praise for Robert Silverberg's "Lord Valentine's Castle" in 1979-80 NOV-FEB; "it was masterfully written, exhilarating, and a joy to read"
147  Weeks, M.  1980 JUL  criticism of Hilbert Schenck's "Buoyant Ascent" in 1980 MAR; "Mr. Schenck is so well informed, so verbally provocative, so able to deal with suspense & pathos, so why the hell does he have to screw it up with shithouse lingo?"
148  Indick, Ben  1980 JUL  praise for Stephen King's Gunslinger series in F&SF(1978 OCT & 1980 APR, so far)
149  Hardy, Jason G.  1980 JUL  praise for the 1980 FEB & APR issues; "F&SF continues to publish the highest quality SF & Fantasy stories around"
150  Gibson, Ursula T.  1981 JAN  Tujunga, CA; praise for Karen G. Jollie's "Bunny-Eyes" in 1980 MAY; asks about publishing & distribution policies in the magazine publishing world(F&SF in particular)

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