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No.  Author  Issue Date  Comments
51  Inksetter, Bruce G.  1975 JAN  criticizes Alexei & Cory Panshin's book review, in 1974 MAR
52  Vonnegut, Kurt Jr  1975 APR  tongue-in-cheek criticism of "Venus on the Half-Shell" by Kilgore Trout, in 1974-75 DEC-JAN
53  Trout, Kilgore  1975 APR  tongue-in-cheek reply to Vonnegut letter on his story "Venus on the Half-Shell" in 1974-75 DEC-JAN; Trout is a ps. for Philip José Farmer
54  Hassler, Donald M.  1975 APR  support for a letters column, discussion of Aldiss's book Billion Year Spree, & Alexei & Cory Panshin's book review of it in 1974 MAR, & Aldiss's letter in 1975 JAN
55  Malzberg, Barry N.  1975 APR  criticizes book review critics Alexei & Cory Panshin, in 1974 MAR, & Joanna Russ, in 1975 JAN; see Joanna Russ reply to Malzberg's statements in her book review in this issue, 1975 APR
56  Ellis, Phoebe W.  1975 APR  protest of Philip K. Dick's story "The Pre-Persons", in 1974 OCT, & his "vitriolic anti-feminism"
57  Friedman, Stanton T.  1975 MAY  a nuclear physicist, "since 1970 ... the only space scientist .. devoting full time to Ufology"; complaint about Isaac Asimov's science essay "The Rocketing Dutchman" in 1975 FEB & his views on UFOs
58  Asimov, Isaac  1975 MAY  response to Friedman's letter concerning his science essay "The Flying Dutchman" in 1975 FEB
59  Anderson, Poul  1975 MAY  response to Avram Davidson's book review, in 1974 NOV, of his novel A Midsummer Tempest; a discussion of the historical Prince Rupert of the Rhine
60  Dyer-Bennet, David  1975 MAY  his views of the stories in the 1975 JAN issue
61  Boutillier, Lester  1975 MAY  negative views of the stories in the 1975 JAN issue
62  Dodson, Stephen H.  1975 MAY  positive views on John Varley's stories in F&SF, "Picnic on Nearside" in 1974 AUG & "Retrograde Summer" in 1975 FEB; "This is what science fiction should be ..."
63  Runyon, Charles W.  1975 SEP  his views on Joanna Russ's book review, in 1975 APR, concerning Cliffs Notes
64  Schenck, Roy J.  1975 SEP  finds Joanna Russ's book review, in 1975 MAR, of Ursula K. Le Guin's novel The Dispossessed, to be "extremely obnoxious"
65  Somers, Jonathan Swift III  1975 SEP  concerning his story "A Scarletin Study" in 1975 MAR, F&SF's "printer seems to be out of umlauts"; Somers is a ps. for Philip José Farmer; editor replies briefly
66  Bates, Roderick G.  1975 SEP  complaint about Manly Wade Wellman & Wade Wellmam's story "Sherlock Holmes Versus Mars", in 1975 MAY; expresses outrage at the display of affection their Holmes character shows toward Mrs. Hudson
67  Holmes, Mycroft  1975 SEP  London; tongue-in-cheek(?) letter from Sherlock's brother on the Wellmans' story "Sherlock Holmes Versus Mars", in 1975 MAY; "at no time ... has Sherlock been in love ..."
68  Sussman, H.G.  1976 JAN  criticism of the book reviewers, in particular of John Clute in 1975 OCT; critiques "should be from the point of view of a reader, not an academic grading a student's submittal"
69  Brandshaft, Richard  1976 JAN  criticism of book reviewer Joanna Russ, in her review of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Dispossessed in 1975 MAR; prefers what P. Schuyler Miller calls "book reports" to Russ's literary criticism
70  Ferman, Edward L.  1976 JAN  reply to criticisms of F&SF's book reviewers, asking readers to see Algis Budrys's comments on this issue in 1975 NOV; gives 3 arguments against "book reports"
71  Wellman, Manly W.  1976 JAN  reply by Manly & his son/collaborator Wade to letters in 1975 SEP which challenged the argument that Sherlock Holmes and his landlady Martha Hudson were lovers
72  Petras, David M.  1976 JAN  letter from a priest to Isaac Asimov about his sceience essay "The Judo Argument" in 1974 APR; Asimov's essay "avoids the real question of (God's) existence
73  Asimov, Isaac  1976 JAN  reply to Petras letter(#71) - "If I were to receive a direct experience of the existence of God, even if it were not explainable ... then I would accept Him."
74  Chauvin, Cy  1976 JAN  "A number of sf writers Silverberg, Malzberg, Ellison ... said they have become disenchanted with sf ... readers prefer bad sf to good ... Who is to blame ...? ... what can we do about it?"
75  Ellison, Harlan  1976 APR  a 3-page reply to Chauvin letter(#74) in 1976 JAN, about why Ellison "(doesn't) care to be called a 'science fiction' writer ... Why don't I have the right to reject a label?"
76  Mumner, Mark  1976 APR  praise for book reviewer Algis Budrys, in 1975 NOV, who "puts more care & effort into his (reviews/criticisms) than most readers are willing to deal with"
77  Emmons, Ms. Paula  1976 APR  inaccuracy of Algis Budrys's br remarks in 1975 NOV on Pamela Sargent's book, Women of Wonder; "science fiction needs to be written from female as well as male points of view"
78  Johnston, Melanie B.  1976 APR  disappointment with Brian Lumley's story "Born of the Winds" in 1975 DEC; complaints on its plot, its narrator, etc; "... this is not the Master!(Lovecraft)"
79  Crapanzano, Patricia  1976 APR  praise for Charles W. Runyon's story "In Case of Danger, Prsp the Ntxivbw" in 1975 DEC; "Reading the story had turned (her husband's) virility dial way up"
80  Bear, Greg  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article "about getting out of sf" in 1976 APR; believes their disenchantment with sf could be because they & Silverberg "share an acerbic view of the world"
81  Warren, George  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article; praise for Budrys review in 1976 MAY, perhaps Ellison & Malzberg(from 1976 APR), "might read Budrys's piece & think on it a bit"
82  McGarry, Lee  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; what do Ellison & Malzberg want?
83  Hlavaty, Arthur D.  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; propose that sf be renamed to something other than speculative fiction, "sounds like something the teacher makes you read"
84  Wehrle, John  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; "F&SF is the only viable medium left for creative short fiction ... you are in the mainstream"
85  Taylor, Richard  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article in 1976 APR; "Malzberg desires to be a member of the literary elite ... being a member ... will not cause (his) work to improve"
86  Knight, Damon  1977 JAN  criticism of Alexei & Cory Panshin br in 1976 JUL, concerning their review of his anthology Science Fiction of the Thirties
87  de Camp, L. Sprague  1977 JAN  inaccuracies of Alexei & Cory Panshin br in 1976 JUL, in their review of his book Science -Fiction Handbook
88  Nance, Ron  1977 JAN  criticism of Barry Malzberg br in 1976 SEP, concerning his statement that Samuel R. Delany's works are glamorized at his(Malzbergs) expense, complaints of the "sf ghetto," etc.
89  Wolf, Eric C.  1977 JAN  complaints on female lead characterizations in stories, "A Stillness at Sordera" by Thayer Waldo in 1976 MAR, & "He" by Alan Dean Foster in 1976 JUN
90  Bates, Russell L.  1977 JAN  complaints of Baird Searles mr/tvr in 1976 SEP, of his review of movie "A Boy and His Dog"
91  Laidlaw, Marc  1977 JAN  translation of a personal ad in the 1976 SEP Marketplace section of F&SF
92  Malzberg, Barry N.  1977 JUL  criticism of John Clute br in 1977 FEB, concerning his reviews of Alfred Bester's "They Don't Make Life Like They Used To", & Gordon R. Dickson & Harry Harrison's Lifeboat
93  Glover, Carl  1977 JUL  criticism of John Clute br's, "... I am completely unable to extract a shred of sense or understanding from (his) reviews"
94  Clute, John  1977 JUL  reply to Barry N. Malzberg(#92) & Carl Glover letters(#93) of criticism to his reviews of Bester's novelette & Dickson"s & Harrison's novel, Lifeboat; latter letter "presented no case"
95  Foster, Linda  1977 JUL  praise for the work of John Varley, especially for his stories "In the Hall of the Martian Kings" in 1977 FEB, & "The Funhouse Effect" in 1976 DEC; his stories are "refreshing, exciting, fantastic ..."
96  Post, J.B.  1977 JUL  librarian at The Free Library of Philadelphia, a mock protest of Fritz Leiber's novel The Pale Brown Thing in 1977 JAN-FEB, in which a character steals a library book
97  Hamlin, Robert  1977 JUL  praise for Algis Budrys br in 1976 DEC; his br's are better than those in F&SF's competitors
98  Zebrowski, George  1977 JUL  criticism of Algis Budrys br in 1977 MAR, concerning his review of John W. Campbell Jr's book The Space Beyond, & the afterword in the book by Zebrowski
99  Budrys, Algis  1977 JUL  response to George Zebrowski letter(#98) of criticism to his review of Campbell's book The Space Beyond & Zebrowski's afterword in that book
100  Schweitzer, Darrell  1977 NOV  criticism of Harlan Ellison article "You Don't Know Me, I Don't Know You" in 1977 JUL; "anybody who's going to be an elitist must accept both the rewards & the tribulations of being one"

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