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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Matheson, Richard  Born of Man and Woman  1950 SUM  vi  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story
McClintic, Winona  In the Days of Our Fathers  1949 WIN/SPR  ss  her 1st pub. story
McKenna, Richard M.  Casey Agonistes  1958 SEP  ss  (1913-1964) his 1st pub. story
McKinlay, M. Catherine (Katherine V. Forrest)  Xessex  1983 FEB  ss  (1939- ) her 1st pub. story; ps. for Katherine V. Forrest
Meddor, Michael  Wizard Retires, The  1999 SEP  nv  his 1st pub. story; N-1999 WFA, novella
Mendelsohn, M.  Little Goethe  1978 NOV  nv  his 1st pub. fiction; a univ. professor in England
Moffett, Judith  Surviving  1986 JUN  nv  her 1st pub. sf story; W-1987 STU; N-1986 NEB; 1987 LOC, novelette
Morressy, John  Accuracy  1971 DEC  ss  (1930- ) his 1st pub. sf story
Nagle, Pati  Coyote Ugly  1994 APR  ss  her 1st pub. story
Nearing, H(omer) Jr  Poetry Machine, The  1950 FLL  ss  (1915- ) his 1st pub. fiction; Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
Nelson, Ray  Turn Off the Sky  1963 AUG  nv  (1931- ) his 1st pub. story
Nethercott, Michael  Beastly Red Lurker, The: A Gothic Excess  1999 AUG  ss  his 1st pub. story
Norden, Eric  Final Quarry, The  1970 MAY  nv  his 1st pub. story
O'Donohoe, Nick  To Dust You Will Return  1979 JUN  ss  (1952- ) his 1st sale
Oliver, Chad  Boy Next Door, The  1951 JUN  ss  (1928-1993) his 1st sale, but not his 1st pub. story; working name for Symmes Chadwick Oliver
Petrey, Susan C.  Spareen Among the Tartars  1979 SEP  ss  (1945-1980) her 1st fiction sale, 1st story in her Spareen the Varkela series
Porges, Arthur  Rats, The  1951 DEC  ss  (1915- ?) reprint of his 1st pub. story, 1st pub. in Man's World 1951 FEB
Pronzini, Bill  Screwiest Job in the World, The  1969 SEP  ss  (1943- ) his 1st pub. fantasy story; working name for William John Pronzini, well-known in the mystery field
Quinn, James  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  1977 DEC  ss  (1955?- ) his 1st fiction sale
Raffel, Burton  Goodbye  1960 SEP  nv  his 1st pub. story
Rath, Tina  End of Season  1984 MAR  ss  (1943- ) her 1st pub. work in the U.S.; has pub. work in England
Reamy, Tom  Twilla  1974 SEP  nv  (1935-1977) his 1st pub. story; N-1974 NEB
Reed, Kit  Devotion  1958 JUN  ss  her 1st sale
Reed, Kit (Lillian Craig Reed)  Wait, The  1958 APR  ss  (1932- ) her 1st pub. story; ps. for Lillian Craig Reed
Richerson, Carrie  Dying Breed, A  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  her 1st professional short story sale
Rickert, M.  Girl Who Ate Butterflies, The  1999 AUG  ss  his 1st pub. work of fiction
Rigsby, Howard  One Fine Day  1954 SEP  vi  (1909- ) his 1st sf story, usually a mystery writer
Roberts, Jane  Red Wagon, The  1956 DEC  ss  (1929-1985) her 1st pub. story; working name for Jane Roberts Butts
Rogers, Kay  Love Story  1951 JUN  vi  her 1st pub. story
Russ, Joanna  Nor Custom Stale  1959 SEP  ss  (1937- ) her 1st pub. story
Sanders, Scott  Terrarium  1980 APR  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. sf story, which was expanded into a novel, same name, & pub. in 1985
Sargent, Pamela  Landed Minority  1970 SEP  ss  (1948- ) her 1st pub. story
Savage, Felicity  Brixton White Lady  1994 MAR  ss  (1975- ) her 1st fiction sale; Felicity Rose Savage
Schenck, Hilbert Jr  Tomorrow's Weather  1953 APR  ss  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story
Schutz, J.W.  Maiden Voyage  1965 MAR  nv  (1912-1984) his 1st pub. sf; N-1965 Nebula, best novelette; working name for Joseph Willard Schutz
Seeley, Mabel  Footprint, The  1953 JAN  ss  (1903- ) her 1st fantasy story, normally a detective & mainstream novelist
Seelhammer, Cynthia  Gentle Horses  1998 MAR  ss  her 1st pub. story
Shaver, Edward F.  Killing Thought, The  1981 MAY  nv  his 1st pub. story; N-1982 BSF, short fiction
Shaw, Barclay    1979 MAR  cover art  (1949- ) his 1st cover art; illus. "Broken Stairways, Walls of Time" by Lee Killough
Shepley, John  Gorilla Suit  1958 MAY  ss  (1925- ) his 1st pub. fantasy story
Sherman, Delia  Maid on the Shore, The  1987 OCT  ss  (1951- ) her 1st pub. story
Shunn, D. William  From Our Point of View We Had Moved to the Left  1993 FEB  ss  (1968?- ) his 1st professional short fiction sale; ps. for William Shunn
Stearns, Barbara  Having It  1973 JUL  ss  (1940- ) her 1st pub. story
Thomas, Michael  Nightwatch  1997 MAR  nv  his 1st pub. short story
Thompson, Jessie  Snowfall  1988 SEP  ss  1st sale
Tushnet, Leonard  In the Calendar of Saints  1964 AUG  ss  (1908-1973) his 1st pub. story
Varley, John  Picnic on Nearside  1974 AUG  nv  (1947- ) his 1st pub. sf story
Walling, William  Rings on Her Fingers  1970 SEP  ss  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story
Walotsky, Ronald    1967 MAY  cover art  (1943- ) his 1st commission; illus. "Planetoid Idiot" by Phyllis Gotlieb; Walotsky speaks of his assoc. with F&SF in his book, Inner Visions(2000), & in his interview in SFC 2001 JUL
Warren, Rosalind A.  Messenger, The  1987 JUN  ss  her 1st pub. sf story

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