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May/June 2021
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Coming Attractions

In "Dreadnought," Michael Swanwick takes us on an unexpected Lovecraftian journey with a cast of characters you won't soon forget. Priya Chand's "Woman, Child, Soldier" reexamines the cost of war. Bo Balder has "Tulip Fever" and Yukimi Ogawa welcomes us into "Her Garden, the Size of Her Palm." There is new poetry from Mark Rich, and some exciting new voices with stories you are going to love.

We thank you for kind words, continued support, renewed and new subscriptions, as well as the photos from around the world of you holding copies of the magazine. I can say it was certainly a great comfort to see those stories making their way…slowly at times…into your hands. We are all facing new challenges in the midst of the international COVID-19 pandemic, but we are still here, together. Your photos and your kind notes are tangible reminders of the power of words and storytelling, and how art connects us all, across time, space, and geographies. Summer is upon us, so let us enjoy these days of sun.

—Sheree Renée Thomas

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