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March/April 2019
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Coming Attractions

Lavie Tidhar's alternate history novella "The Vanishing Kind" was one of the most popular stories we published in 2016. He returns next month with another fast-paced science fiction novella, "New Atlantis."

We will also have novelets by Kelly Barnhill, whose "Thirty-Three Wicked Daughters" will offer up the fantasy portion promised by our masthead, and Debbie Urbanski, who will tell us "How to Kiss a Hojacki," providing the science fiction piece.

You'll also find a range of short stories. Andy Dudak will make his F&SF debut, giving us a galaxy-spanning vision of humanity in a far future characterized by "The Abundance." He'll be joined by Tobias Buckell, who will share an "Apocalypse Considered Through a Helix of Semiprecious Foods and Recipes." And Rebecca Campbell will return to our pages to explain why "The Fourth Trimester is the Strangest."

We're still sorting through some other stories to finish putting the issue together, but we expect you to be surprised and entertained. We also have a treasure chest of goodies coming up in our 70th Anniversary Issue this September, including the first story in F&SF by the only living SFWA Grand Master who has yet to appear in these pages. Renew your subscription now and don't miss a single issue.

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