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January/February 2019
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Coming Attractions

Over the past couple years, few new writers have published as many stories or had as much of an impact on the genre as Rich Larson, who recently released his first collection Tomorrow Factory. He returns to these pages with next issue's cover story and another glimpse of the possible future during "Contagion's Eve at the House Noctambulous."

R. S. Benedict is another new writer who's entered the field with a big splash—we'll also have "All of Me," an unusual mermaid novella that has Hollywood written all over it. Matthew Hughes will be here, with a new adventure featuring Baldemar, the wizard's henchman, in "The Plot Against Fantucco's Armor." And John Kessel will show us "The Mark of Cain"—it's not what you think. They'll be joined by Tina Connolly, Gregor Hartmann, and novelist Diana Peterfreund, making her first F&SF appearance. Plus we'll have a few surprises for you. Renew your subscription now and don't miss a single great story.

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