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November/December 2018
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Coming Attractions

A newborn, naked infant is discovered on a hillside with a severed hand gripping his ankles.

This is the origin of Phyllis Eisenstein's Alaric. Adopted by the simple people who found him, Alaric grows up and displays an extraordinary power. Branded a witch and abandoned a second time, he takes to the road, becoming a reluctant thief and willing troubadour. Accepted at court as a minstrel, he falls in love with a princess and becomes entangled in intrigue that only his wit and supernatural abilities can help him escape.

Alaric's original adventures in F&SF, published back in the 1970s, were those of a young man, with a young man's passions and impulses. In our next issue, Alaric returns, older and wiser, to another royal palace in "The City of Lost Desire," and he needs every bit of his experience and talents to solve the mysteries he finds there.

The issue will also include "Blue as Blood," an alien encounter story from Leah Cypess. Robert Reed takes a close look at the power of empathy, and considers whether it really is "The Province of Saints." Adam-Troy Castro's "Survey" will deliver some uncomfortable answers. Plus we have new works lined up by Andy Duncan, Erin Cashier, and Marie Vibbert, and are working on a few other surprises. You won't want to miss it.

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