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May/June 2018
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Coming Attractions

Our July/August issue will feature a Bob Eggleton cover and two new stories of Mars by a pair of Nebula Award winning authors. Mary Robinette Kowal will share the "The Phobos Experience," another adventure in her Lady Astronaut of Mars universe, while William Ledbetter has "Broken Wings." The stories spotlight Phobos and Deimos, alternate past and possible future, and both are going to be a lot of fun.

We'll also be bringing you our first science fiction novella of the year, "Freezing Rain, A Chance of Falling," a gripping near future tale of survival in the social status/gig economy written by Toronto author L. X. Beckett. And R. S. Benedict, one of last year's breakout writers with "My English Name" and "Water God's Dog," will return to these pages with "Morbier," a story we won't say anything about because we don't want to spoil it for you.

Our fantasy selections will include "Visible Cities" by Rachel Pollack, a novelette about Jack Shade's lover, Carolien Hounstra, and how she became a Traveler. Matthew Hughes is taking a short break from his Baldemar adventures to introduce us to "The Prevaricator." And, as usual, we've found some new writers to add to your reading list, with fantastic work coming from Corey Flintoff and Ashley Blooms. We say it every month, but now is a great time to renew your subscription and not miss a single issue.

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