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March/April 2018
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Coming Attractions

We have some great new fiction for you in the months and issues ahead. Stephanie Feldman will make her F&SF debut with "The Barrens," a horror novelet about teenagers and monsters in the New Jersey Pinelands. Brian Trent will be returning with "Crash-Site," another adventure in his War Hero universe. And Matthew Hughes will deliver "Argent and Sable," continuing the tales of Baldemar, the wizard's henchman.

The coming issues will also bring you fresh work by writers familiar to these pages, like Gardner Dozois, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Lisa Mason, Rachel Pollack, Robert Reed, and Geoff Ryman. You'll find recent newcomers returning, including Sarina Dorie, Dare Segun Falowo, and Yukimi Ogawa. And we'll introduce you to some authors who are new to the magazine, among them Ashley Blooms, Susan Emshwiller, Amman Sabet, Jeremiah Tolbert, and Melanie West. Plus you can look forward to a science fiction novelet in translation by the award-winning Czech writer, Hanus? Seiner.

And there will be more. Our editorial team is out looking for new stories to share with you all year long. Renew your subscription now and don't miss a single issue.

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